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IVY LEAGUE Retirement Planning


A comprehensive wealth management firm committed to improving our clients long-term financial results. Combining experience, understanding and insight to provide exceptional guidance and lifelong financial security to our clients.



What makes us different?

The first and foremost is our ability to listen.  Before recommending any plan of action we get to know you - your hopes, dreams, ambitions, goals.   No one investment approach is right for everyone.  It’s is only after understanding your unique financial situation do we make any investment recommendations. 


We’re local:  Our clients are our family, friends, neighbors and community leaders.   We may see you in Church, the grocery store, community functions.  You will always be special to us and you will never be just a number. 


We understand you have choices – over 6000 in DFW area.  We are grateful for the folks who choose IVY LEAGUE and will never forget YAHOO - You Always Have Other Options.



Experience:  Over 28 years hands on experience.  You’re only going to retire once – you have no second chance to get it right. You can learn from your mistakes or the mistakes of others.


Customer service – our goal is for you to have the absolute, without a doubt, very best experience that you could ever receive from any company.  Period.  We are compulsive about it.


We keep it simple – we break down complex industry lingo in to easy to understand language, with lots of pictures and analogies.


We’re independent – We are an independent financial services firm – we have no proprietary products and work strictly for you – not a bank, stock brokerage firm or mutual fund company.


We have won numerous accolades, awards, achievements and recognition.  Robert has literally written hundreds of articles, newsletters, and comments for the industry and public, and is often regarded as an expert in the industry.



Once you become an IVY LEAGUE client, we are on retainer for life! We take pride in our profession and put 110% effort into our work!


  • Big Enough to Impress you?
  • Small Enough to know you
  • Caring enough to make a difference



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