Our Services

Any time you are making a financial decision that may have a lasting impact on your financial future, it’s important to consult with a qualified financial services professional.  


As an advisor, Robert is committed to helping his clients develop a comprehensive and personalized financial strategy based on their needs and goals.


The retirement planning process at IVY LEAGUE Retirement Planning, begins with an evaluation of your current financial situation.  Once we`ve established your overall objectives, we`ll focus on your specific retirement goals.



Some of the services we offer include:


1) Presenting Educational Workshops and Seminars on retirement planning, portfolio management and Senior Lifestyle issues and challenges


2) Providing Free Consultations


3) Completing and Processing all Employer Retirement Forms and Rollovers


5) Providing Income Tax Strategies and Planning


6) Providing Pension Calculations & Estimates


7) Advice Regarding Tax Deferred & Tax Free Investments


8) Advice Regarding Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities, and Institutional Money Managers


9) Portfolio Managing Retirement and Investment Accounts.


10) Senior advising, Estate Planning and Charitable Giving




It’s all about service


At IVY LEAGUE we work for you.  There are over 6000 advisors in the Dallas Fort Worth.  We will never forget You Always Have Other Options (YAHOO).  Two things that sets us apart for our competitors is Service and Expertise.    We want you to be satisfied and will jump through hoops to do whatever it takes to provide you the very best service you could ever experience.  Technology is a reality of our times, but keeping pace doesn’t mean losing touch with the people who make you successful.  At IVY LEAGUE Retirement Planning, you will never get the run around get an answer to your questions or to receive the quality service we provide.  Our entire staff understands that your needs are our priority.    To make sure we are up to date with the industry, we continually educate ourselves to stay current with investment trends, economic conditions and the latest tax and investment strategies. 



For more information about our firm, you may reach us at:

(817) 275-8275