At Ivy League Retirement Planning, we strive to offer you a superior client-first experience through an ongoing, long-term advisor relationship. Our goal is to make a difference in your life as we seek to help you achieve the financial security you desire in your life. We want you to feel confident about your future. It’s our mission here at Ivy League Retirement Planning.


Our core value is trust. Trust is a two-way street in our client-advisor relationship. It’s important to us that we build a sacred bond of trust with our clients. Our clients come to us and entrust us with their financial information and often, the stories of their lives. We listen and empathize with them and then offer solutions that empower them to reach their goals. We offer transparency as well, working for you with no hidden fees or costs. Because we’re independent, we can truly make the best suggestions to secure your financial future. You can also rest assured that all information shared with us is strictly confidential and rests with us. We’ll never violate the trust you’ve placed in us.

Personalized Service

Every one of our clients has different financial goals, along with unique situations to reach those goals. Once we’ve made recommendations based on the information a client has shared with us, we don’t stop there. We encourage regular meetings to stay up-to-date with our clients. Occasionally, a situation occurs that could warrant a change in our recommendations. We also want our clients to know that we’re there when they need us, even if it’s slightly outside the scope of our customary duties. We want our clients to know that the proverbial door is always open to them.


We don’t just make recommendations to our clients and move on. Just as our clients invest in their financial future, we invest in our clients. We truly care about our clients and nurture long-term relationships with them. We’re there when they need us for financial advice. But, we’re also there for major milestones in their personal lives. We’ve been there for the birth of a child when a client is sick in the hospital, and unfortunately, at the funeral home once they’ve passed away. When our clients rejoice over a happy achievement in their life, we rejoice with them. And when they mourn from a loss, we mourn too. When you spend time helping someone achieve some of their life goals, they become part of your family. It fosters a sense of community.