Family Wealth and Estate Planning

At Ivy League Retirement Planning, our comprehensive services go well beyond the boundaries of planning for your retirement. We can help you have greater control about the type of financial legacy you want to leave behind.

No one wants to talk about their own mortality. But, it happens to us all eventually. When the time comes, there’s no doubt you want to make sure that your family’s financial future is preserved.

If you already have drafted an estate plan with your attorney, we can review it and see if something is missing. While your attorney understands the legalities of your estate plan, we understand how important the financial aspect of your estate plan is.

We can sit down with you and discuss what’s important to you. You can convey how you want the proceeds of your estate distributed. You may have a special situation that you want to provide for.

For instance, if you have a disabled child that needs to be taken care of all through their adult years, that’s a prime consideration.

Maybe you have a charitable organization you want to benefit from a portion of your estate. Of course, your top concern is likely that your family is protected and provided for. The point is that we can make sure your wishes are well articulated.

We can also evaluate from a financial standpoint whether or not your assets and investments are on target to fulfill your wishes. We can suggest solutions that will minimize estate-related taxes so that your beneficiaries receive maximum benefits.

All of these are important considerations and at Ivy League Retirement Planning, what’s important to you is important to us. Your needs are our priority.

Contact us to set up a free consultation to discuss your estate plan.